Integrating biology into modern electronics via Biology-gated Transistors

Cardea’s Tech+Bio Infrastructure

Cardea’s Tech+Bio Infrastructure has created a paradigm shift in Life Science and technology with the development and introduction of biology being directly integrated into modern electronics. Comprised of Tech+Bio modules, the Tech+Bio Infrastructure is exclusively offered to our Innovation Partners who are ready to develop a new generation of products that “Link up to Life” and allow us all to use “Biology as Technology”.

We use our Biology-gated Transistors, or Cardean Transistors™, as core modules to build chipsets, such as CRISPR-Chip™, that can be configured and integrated into thousands of potential products and applications to be used in the field, at the bedside, or at the bench. Connecting electronics directly to biology is a fundamental change in how life science signal detection has been done up until now. This is opening up a new world where we can have products that utilize system biology’s vast range of live signals as interactive data-streams, that with time will link system biology directly up to our computers, phones and the Internet.

Our Tech+Bio Infrastructure combines molecular biology, semiconductor material (graphene), nano-physics and advanced electronics, the computational power of software, and ML/AI to provide a signal detection system that can be configured to each Partner’s needs. This system captures and delivers real-time insight to the biology of interest in order to develop and commercialize a new generation of products that “Link up to Life”.

the core Cardean Transistors

It starts with a chip composed of biocompatible material graphene to tap into biological signals. While the chip is only part of the solution, Cardea is the only company in the world to have mastered the extreme complexity of mass-producing biological transistors using graphene, making the chip foundational to every Powered by Cardea product and application we build. Cardean Transistors can be combined with small bits of biology to create chipsets that can be integrated to thousands of different applications. Read about how CRISPR-Chip, a chipset configured with thousands of CRISPR-dcas9 molecules, can be used as a DNA search engine.

the architecture Hardware

Cardea creates versatile hardware from handheld portable devices that can be run in the field, to automated high-throughput systems on the lab bench.


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the circuitry Software

With Cardean machine learning, direct multi-omics data-streams of biological signals can be used to train ML/AI algorithms on how the sub-systems of biology functions. Using a cloud-based system, Innovation Partners can access and act on streams of signals anywhere in real-time.

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