Powering the
Internet of Biology
Digital biosensors that change the way
you see the world of biology.

Welcome to Cardea™
Life. Connected.
The “Powered by Cardea” technology platform is the first of its kind biosensor that is mass-produced with the powerful nano-material, graphene, that allows for biology to become an integrated part of the electronic transistor that normally is used to build for instance computers. Using this technology, we are able to connect biology with the Internet.

The Internet of Biology has just been born.

Insight to Biology
The world is generating more and more data from all kinds of sources. All data generation and computational work is done in order to get valuable insights and signals.

Digitally harvesting into the most signal-rich data type of them all, biology, has up until now been slow, expensive and hard expert-work. Many genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics technologies are optically based and require a lot of adjustments to the biology itself in order for us to “see it”. These technologies are also often big, expensive, and finicky lab instruments that require an expert to run. What’s even worse, is that researchers have not been able to look at DNA, RNA, and proteins simultaneously in one sample as the instruments often run in different kinds of labs. This means that for instance, genomics and proteomics have become two silos of data that do not fit together.

For a new generation of insight to biology to happen, we have to get direct access to real-time biology. Cardea’s biosensors are the world’s first biology-based electrical transistors to integrate biology and computers directly. This opens the window of opportunity to the last unexplored branch of the Internet: the Internet of Biology.