The Cardea Innovation Partnership Program

Why Partner with Cardea?

The Innovation Partnership Program all begins with your idea of how to change the world for the better. Here’s how it works:

1. After collaborating with our dedicated team of scientists and business leaders to assess mutual fit and define milestones, we work together to develop your product vision into a reality.

2. Committed to your success from the start, our team guides you through a structured four-step partner engagement process, which spans from concept to commercialization.

3. A licensing and revenue sharing model ensures that our mutual interest in the swift development and launch of a successful product are aligned from the beginning.

Innovation Partnership Program Advantages.

Cardea’s Tech+Bio Infrastructure consists of an extensive list of Tech+Bio modules with proprietary Biology-gated Transistors, or Cardean Transistors™, at its core. These transistors are used to build chipsets, such as CRISPR-Chip™,  that can be integrated into thousands of potential products and applications to be used in the field, at the bedside, or at the bench. The Tech+Bio Infrastructure allows for applications such as amplification-free genotyping, disease or pathogen monitoring, food and water safety, environmental testing, chemical detection, and biowarfare defense. (Explore some of the applications here.)

As an all-electronic detection system, Cardea’s technology does not need to amplify, add labels, or rely on optics to provide indirect estimations of biology, but instead provides direct measurements of biological interactions as they happen in reality. Applications, insights and products that used to be only dreamed of have become the new possible.

Cardea’s Tech+Bio Infrastructure is not a product sold to end-users: it’s exclusively available through the Innovation Partnership Program, as each integration is unique to a partner’s product and market.

A True Partnership Our dedicated team is committed to our mutual success every step of the way, helping you design your product, complete your milestones, and meet your timelines.
FLEXIBLE MODULAR DESIGN Cardea's technology is fully customizable to meet your specific needs across all dimensions: hardware, software, assay, regulatory, and application.
ACCESS TO INNOVATION Innovation Partners get unique access to all infrastructure technology modules - greatly reducing development costs and timelines.

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