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9.8.2021 The promise of graphene-based transistors for democratizing multiomics studies learn more
6.16.2021 Diversification of the CRISPR Toolbox: Applications of CRISPR-Cas Systems Beyond Genome Editing learn more
4.30.2021 Rapid and Electronic Identification and Quantification of Age‐Specific Circulating Exosomes via Biologically Activated Graphene Transistors learn more
4.5.2021 Discrimination of single-point mutations in unamplified genomic DNA via Cas9 immobilized on a graphene field-effect transistor learn more
03.25.2019 Detection of Unamplified Target Genes via CRISPR–Cas9 Immobilized on a Graphene Field-effect Transistor – Nature Biomedical Engineering learn more
01.22.2019 Digital Biosensing by Foundry-Fabricated Graphene Sensors – Nature Scientific Reports learn more
09.14.2018 Graphene-based Biosensor for On-chip Detection of Bio-orthogonally Labeled Proteins to Identify the Circulating Biomarkers of Aging During Heterochronic Parabiosis – Lab on a Chip learn more
02.15.2018 Novel Graphene-based Biosensor for Early Detection of Zika Virus Infection – Biosensors and Bioelectronics learn more
2.07.2017 Large Scale Commercial Fabrication of High Quality Graphene-based Assays for Biomolecule Detection – Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical learn more