Examples of Applications "Powered by Cardea"

GENOMICS CRISPR-Chip for Amplification-free DNA Testing

CRISPR-Chip™ can identify genetic targets of interest without amplification in portable form factor suitable for Point-of-Care & Point-of-Need environments.  With CRISPR-Chip™, certain DNA tests can now be performed where they are needed without requiring an expert-user, complicated reagents, and expensive lab equipment.  


IL-6 is a well-known cytokine and biomarker related to inflammation, autoimmune diseases, late stage cancers, and respiratory failure in COVID patients and was proven to be rapidly detectable in clinically relevant ranges using Cardea’s technology. Using our system, we were able to match the sensitivity of an off-the-shelf ELISA, expand the dynamic range, and reduce assay time from 4 hours to 15 minutes.

Diagnostics Viral Protein Detection

In a partnership with CDC, our team was able to demonstrate the efficacy of Cardea’s technology to, in real-time, detect and quantify Zika virus antigens in serum using a monoclonal antibody immobilized to the surface. Cardea’s Tech+Bio Infrastructure is available via our Innovation Partnership program for the development of research and diagnostic tools against viral antigens.

Blood-based Tests Detecting Leptin in Blood

Cardean Transistors are compatible with multiple different sample types and chemistries. In this study, our technology showed rapid detection and identification of ANL-labeled proteins when used to measure levels of leptin in blood using click chemistry.

Pharmaceuticals Kinetic Analysis

Cardea’s Tech+Bio Infrastructure can be used to provide kinetic analysis of GPCR/Small molecule interactions in a user-friendly experience w/out many of the challenges facing optical kinetics tools (such as incompatibility with high buffer environments and solutions with high refractive index).

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