Cardea in Podcasts and Videos.

9.17.2021 CSO Kiana Aran PhD Featured Speaker on Genome Web Panel – Emerging Methods to Minimize Off-Target Effects of Genome Editing: A Stakeholder Panel Discussion learn more
9.7.2021 Co-Founders Kiana Aran PhD and Brett Goldsmith Featured Moderator and Panelist – International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (µTAS 2021) learn more
7.8.2021 CSO Kiana Aran – Featured Guest on the Finding Genius Podcast: How the CRISPR Chip Technology and Biology May Lead to the Next Generation Electronic Sensors learn more
3.12.2021 CSO Kiana Aran PhD on The Scientist Webinar: CRISPR Biosensors for Disease Diagnostics learn more
10.22.2020 Webinar: CRISPR QC and the Cardea Innovation Partnership Program learn more
07.28.2020 Webinar: Ross Bundy, CRISPR-Chip: Using a Multi-omics Approach to Biosensing – AMPT Network learn more
05.27.2020 Using Biology as Technology to Stream Data, with Michael Heltzen CEO – SDBN Buzz Podcast learn more
05.15.2020 Dr. Kiana Aran: Fighting COVID-19 with CRISPR-Chip-Powered Diagnostics – CRISPR Cuts learn more
09.29.2019 Genome Sensor™: The DNA Search Engine – Video learn more
08.26.2019 How CRISPR-Chip will Change DNA Detection with Prof Kiana Aran – Oxford Biotech Podcast learn more
07.01.2019 Graphene Biosensors and the San Diego Ecosystem with Cardea’s CEO Michael Heltzen and CTO Brett Goldsmith – Oxford Biotech Podcast learn more
04.19.2019 Digital Biosensors and the Internet of Biology – Labroots Webinar learn more
04.19.2019 CRISPR-Chip™: Detection of Unamplified Target Genes via CRISPR/Cas9 – Labroots Webinar learn more
04.18.2019 Kiana Aran Chats About Her New Biosensor: CRISPR-Chip – CRISPR-Cuts Podcast learn more
03.25.2019 New CRISPR-Powered Device Detects Genetic Mutations in Minutes – Berkeley Video learn more
03.25.2019 Dr. Kiana Aran: CRISPR-Chip Enables Digital Detection of DNA without Amplification – KGI Podcast learn more
02.06.2019 The Internet of Biology Revolution-For Real This Time, with Brett Goldsmith – Mendelspod learn more