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10.13.20 CRISPR Pioneer, Home Secretary of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, IEEE Medal of Honor Recipient and other experts joins Cardea Bio‘s Innovation Council learn more
10.06.2020 Cardea Bio Inc. Receives Fundamental Patent on “Graphene Transistor and Sensor Mass Production Processes” learn more
9.22.2020 Cardea Bio Announces Global Launch of First Proprietary “Powered by Cardea” Product in Partnership with CRISPR QC – Cardea learn more
9.18.20 Cardea: Science to Products (Part II) – AAMPT Network learn more
09.16.20 Cardea Bio Announces $7.5M in First Close of Series A2 Financing learn more
9.15.20 Cardea and the Tech+Bio Vision (Part 1) – AAMPT Network learn more
08.06.2020 Dr. Kiana Aran, Cardea Co-founder & CSO, Wins Pinnacle Award – Athena learn more
07.08.20 COVID-19 Spurs Wave of Innovative Diagnostics – Nature Biotechnology News learn more
07.07.2020 CRISPR-Chip can Optimize Your Cas, Diagnose COVID-19 and Change our World – CRISPR Medicine News learn more
05.29.2020 Biosensors May Hold the Key to Mass Coronavirus Testing – IEEE Spectrum learn more
05.21.2020 Using MEMS to Thrash COVID-19 – EE Journal learn more
05.21.2020 Cardea on the list of Top 25 San Diego Companies to Watch in 2020 – San Diego Bootcamps learn more
03.25.2020 Cardean Transistors™ Made Available to Companies and Government Agencies Willing to Build Handheld Coronavirus Detection Devices learn more
01.21.2020 Companies Join Forces to Address Urgently Needed Quality Control of CRISPR Genome-editing learn more
01.09.2020 Cardea Bio Seeks to Accelerate Corporate Vision, Adds 3 Seasoned Executives to Senior Leadership Team – Press Release learn more
12.06.2019 Cardea Announced Winner of 2019 Most Innovative New Product Awards – Connect learn more
10.09.2019 Cardea Bio and Nanosens Innovations Inc. Merger-Acquisition Finalized – Press Release learn more
09.30.2019 MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress Technology Showcase Finalists Highlight Innovations in Automotive, Biomedical and Consumer Electronics learn more
09.06.2019 Cardea Bio, Nanosens Launch Early-Access Program for Genome Sensor CRISPR-Chip – Genome Web learn more
09.06.2019 CRISPR-Chip Moves One Step Closer to the Genomics Market – Technology Networks learn more
09.06.2019 Cardea Bio and Nanosens Innovations Look to Combine Companies – Press Release learn more
08.30.2019 CRISPR-Chip Shows Potential for Disease Dx, Agricultural, Research Applications – Genome Web learn more
06.07.2019 Unamplified Gene Sensing via Cas9 on Graphene – Nature Biomedical Engineering learn more
06.05.2019 The Internet of Biology Started in a Garage in San Diego – Biocom learn more
04.30.2019 2019 San Diego Coolest Companies – SDVG learn more
03.25.2019 Cardea Bio Announces New Partnership with Nanosens Innovations learn more
03.25.2019 CRISPR-Graphene Enabled Gene Detection – Nature Biomedical Engineering learn more
03.25.2019 Fishing for Mutations Using CRISPR-Chip – GEN Eng. News learn more
03.25.2019 New CRISPR-powered Device Detects Genetic Mutations in Minutes – Berkeley learn more
01.22.19 Cardea and the Internet of Biology Revolution – Dr. Brett Goldsmith learn more
01.21.2019 Nanomedical Diagnostics Announces Company Name Change to Cardea to Encompass Internet of Biology Initiatives learn more