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9.22.2020 Cardea Bio Announces Global Launch of First Proprietary “Powered by Cardea” Product in Partnership with CRISPR QC – Cardea learn more
9.18.20 Cardea: Science to Products (Part II) – AAMPT Network learn more
09.16.20 Cardea Bio Announces $7.5M in First Close of Series A2 Financing learn more
9.15.20 Cardea and the Tech+Bio Vision (Part 1) – AAMPT Network learn more
08.06.2020 Dr. Kiana Aran, Cardea Co-founder & CSO, Wins Pinnacle Award – Athena learn more
07.28.2020 Ross Bundy: CRISPR-Chip: Using a Multi-omics Approach to Biosensing – AMPT Network Webinar learn more
07.08.20 COVID-19 Spurs Wave of Innovative Diagnostics – Nature Biotechnology News learn more
07.07.2020 CRISPR-Chip can Optimize Your Cas, Diagnose COVID-19 and Change our World – CRISPR Medicine News learn more
05.29.2020 Biosensors May Hold the Key to Mass Coronavirus Testing – IEEE Spectrum learn more
05.27.2020 Using Biology as Technology to Stream Data, with Michael Heltzen CEO – SDBN Buzz Podcast learn more
05.21.2020 Using MEMS to Thrash COVID-19 – EE Journal learn more
05.21.2020 Cardea on the list of Top 25 San Diego Companies to Watch in 2020 – San Diego Bootcamps learn more
05.15.2020 Dr. Kiana Aran: Fighting COVID-19 with CRISPR-Chip-Powered Diagnostics – CRISPR Cuts learn more
03.25.2020 Cardean Transistors™ Made Available to Companies and Government Agencies Willing to Build Handheld Coronavirus Detection Devices learn more
01.21.2020 Companies Join Forces to Address Urgently Needed Quality Control of CRISPR Genome-editing learn more
01.09.2020 Cardea Bio Seeks to Accelerate Corporate Vision, Adds 3 Seasoned Executives to Senior Leadership Team – Press Release learn more
12.06.2019 Cardea Announced Winner of 2019 Most Innovative New Product Awards – Connect learn more
10.19.2019 Cardea Bio and Nanosens Innovations Inc. Merger-Acquisition Finalized – Press Release learn more
09.30.2019 MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress Technology Showcase Finalists Highlight Innovations in Automotive, Biomedical and Consumer Electronics learn more
09.29.2019 Genome Sensor™: The DNA Search Engine – Video learn more
09.06.2019 Cardea Bio, Nanosens Launch Early-Access Program for Genome Sensor CRISPR-Chip – Genome Web learn more
09.06.2019 CRISPR-Chip Moves One Step Closer to the Genomics Market – Technology Networks learn more
09.06.2019 Cardea Bio and Nanosens Innovations Look to Combine Companies – Press Release learn more
08.30.2019 CRISPR-Chip Shows Potential for Disease Dx, Agricultural, Research Applications – Genome Web learn more
08.26.2019 How CRISPR-Chip will Change DNA Detection with Prof Kiana Aran – Oxford Biotech Podcast learn more
07.01.2019 Graphene Biosensors and the San Diego Ecosystem with Cardea’s CEO Michael Heltzen and CTO Brett Goldsmith – Oxford Biotech Podcast learn more
06.07.2019 Unamplified Gene Sensing via Cas9 on Graphene – Nature Biomedical Engineering learn more
06.05.2019 The Internet of Biology Started in a Garage in San Diego – Biocom learn more
04.30.2019 2019 San Diego Coolest Companies – SDVG learn more
04.19.2019 Digital Biosensors and the Internet of Biology – Labroots Webinar learn more
04.19.2019 CRISPR-Chip™: Detection of Unamplified Target Genes via CRISPR/Cas9 – Labroots Webinar learn more
04.18.2019 Kiana Aran Chats About Her New Biosensor: CRISPR-Chip – CRISPR-Cuts Podcast learn more
03.25.2019 New CRISPR-Powered Device Detects Genetic Mutations in Minutes – Berkeley Video learn more
03.25.2019 Dr. Kiana Aran: CRISPR-Chip Enables Digital Detection of DNA without Amplification – KGI Podcast learn more
03.25.2019 Cardea Bio Announces New Partnership with Nanosens Innovations learn more
03.25.2019 Detection of Unamplified Target Genes via CRISPR–Cas9 Immobilized on a Graphene Field-effect Transistor – Nature Biomedical Engineering learn more
03.25.2019 CRISPR-Graphene Enabled Gene Detection – Nature Biomedical Engineering learn more
03.25.2019 Fishing for Mutations Using CRISPR-Chip – GEN Eng. News learn more
03.25.2019 New CRISPR-powered Device Detects Genetic Mutations in Minutes – Berkeley learn more
02.06.2019 The Internet of Biology Revolution-For Real This Time, with Brett Goldsmith – Mendelspod learn more
01.22.2019 Digital Biosensing by Foundry-Fabricated Graphene Sensors – Nature Scientific Reports learn more
01.22.19 Cardea and the Internet of Biology Revolution – Dr. Brett Goldsmith learn more
01.21.2019 Nanomedical Diagnostics Announces Company Name Change to Cardea to Encompass Internet of Biology Initiatives learn more
09.14.2018 Graphene-based Biosensor for On-chip Detection of Bio-orthogonally Labeled Proteins to Identify the Circulating Biomarkers of Aging During Heterochronic Parabiosis – Lab on a Chip learn more
02.15.2018 Novel Graphene-based Biosensor for Early Detection of Zika Virus Infection – Biosensors and Bioelectronics learn more
2.07.2017 Large Scale Commercial Fabrication of High Quality Graphene-based Assays for Biomolecule Detection – Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical learn more