Calling All Practical Visionaries…
The ability to gain immediate access to biological answers is within your grasp. Become a Cardea Innovation Partner and unlock the mysteries of the biological world around you.
How Cardea Empowers You with Biological Insight
With Cardea as your partner you get access to hundreds of years of combined R&D and life science industry experience. With a small “Powered by Cardea” biology-gated transistor and access to the Cardea technology infrastructure (from hardware to software and IP), the Cardea Innovation Partnership Program allows you to focus on what you are good at.

Patented, Trusted Technology

Cardean transistors shrink your development time from years to months by allowing you to focus on biological development rather than technical. Count on us to help launch your unique product.

Stellar White-Label Manufacturing

Get to market faster. We remove the need to do in-depth product design or develop a resource-intensive manufacturing process by delivering finished products straight to your customers.

Performance Guaranteed

Have peace of mind with Cardea’s consistent quality and on-time delivery. Cardea platforms are scalable to any market size, freeing resources and streamlining operations.
“The Cardea Innovation Partnership Program provides a ready-to-use transistor platform on which we build our product, enabling us to focus on the science barriers we’re breaking, rather than manufacturing. With Cardea, our specialized DNA detection company was able to move very quickly to the first revenue.”
– Dr. Kiana Aran, CSO at Nanosens
Hear her interview about Nanosens’ work and what it’s like to work with Cardea as a partner: