Use Cardean Transistors for Instant Answers
The digital transistor infrastructure that links biology directly to your computer networks.
Cardea’s new infrastructure is helping the world Conduct Biology™ using the biocompatible material graphene, novel chemistry and electronics to convert biological signals into real-time data. Combined with proprietary and patented Field Effect Biosensing™ (FEB) technology, Cardea is able to connect biology directly to digital networks, creating immediate access to biological data. For the first time, answers can be discovered in digital form with no translation needed. FEB enables transistor miniaturization, opening a new world for platform portability and scalability.

Cardea’s Innovation Partnership Program was created to provide a diverse set of partners with access to the company’s proprietary biology-gated transistors and software.
The Cardea platform is your spyglass into the current state of biology, providing biological parameters in real time.
Directly detect molecules such as proteins, DNA, and RNA, for sensitive and precise results you can count on.
Open your market to any user with an easy-to-use technology, in form factors that do not require technical training to run.
Form factors can be designed for single-use portability or high-throughput usage, depending on the needs of the target end user.