CRISPR-Chip™: the DNA Search Engine

By combining thousands of CRISPR-dcas9 molecules with Cardea’s Biology-gated Transistors, our proprietary and patented CRISPR-Chip technology has the power to search genomes for specific sequences of interest. While the opportunities are endless, CRISPR-Chip has successfully proven capabilities to detect genetic mutations such as sickle cell disease and Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Learn more about our applications powered by CRISPR-Chip and other Cardean chipsets.

CRISPR-Chip Features

• First-ever Amplification-free DNA testing
• Nature BME June 2019 cover story and most read article + many international news articles
• Without the need for amplification, DNA testing will no longer be trapped inside of complicated DNA
labs. CRISPR-Chip™ enables easy-to-use rapid DNA testing for Point-of-Care & Point-of-Need environments

CRISPR on graphene can search through whole genomes in minutes, with no cost of expensive lab reagents and no amplification errors.

Dr. Kiana Aran / CSO & Co-founder​ / Cardea Bio
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