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About Cardea

We are extremely passionate about two things: Our talented team of Cardeans and our bold vision of translating real-time biological signals into digital information, which in turn leads to products and applications that will positively impact and transform our future.

By integrating molecular biology with semiconductor electronics, we have linked computers directly up to the live signals of biology for the very first time. Using a biocompatible nanomaterial – graphene – which is a near perfect conductor as it is only one atom thick, we have patented uses of this material to gain a signal resolution high enough to listen into real-time molecular interactions. That means, our technology effectively taps into biology’s internal communication to expand or replace current optical and static measurements with interactive live streams of multi-omic signals and analyses.

We’re driven by this vision, and we need talented people who share it, as we’re rapidly growing and looking for talents who are self-driven, enjoy wearing many hats, and thrive in a collaborative environment. If you think you fit our dynamic and fun culture, please consider joining us to help shape a new paradigm in science, building a new generation of natural resources and applications that can Link up to Life™.

About the Role

The successful Lead Software Engineer candidate will join an interdisciplinary team working with novel biosignal data, perfecting our multi-tenant distributed enterprise software with a focus on robotic measuring systems. The role will report to the Senior Director of Systems Integration responsible for hardware, software, firmware integration from user interfaces to communications with electrical and mechanical hardware. This individual will work with software and hardware engineers, bioinformatics scientists, assay developers, and project leaders to ensure the quality of our robotic measuring systems, biosignal assays, improve our existing applications and develop new ones.


Responsibilities, but not limited to:

  • Lead Cardea’s internal and outsourced software development teams to accomplish preset goals.
  • Help define scope of projects and provide cost, time, resource estimates.
  • Serve as a solution developer for multiple projects by providing various alternatives.
  • Serve as a data architect that will impact to the accuracy, efficiency, and security of the company’s data flow.
  • Design and implement algorithm software pertaining to classification and analysis.
  • Conduct software design reviews.
  • Work with QA to build and perfect test libraries and test cases.
  • Provide insights from the database perspective when coming to project and product ideation.
  • Provide technical training to internal users and support staff, and function as mentor to junior developers.
  • The ideal candidate for this role will have prior software (especially backend ) development experience and skills in several of our relevant tools and languages (Java, C-sharp, C#, React, python, GraphQL, SQL, .NET Core) and comfortable with design and development on both web-based front end and back end.



  • Sc. or higher agree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Equivalent industry experience accepted.
  • 5+ years industry development experience using  C#, Java, Python, JavaScript or Golang.
  • Strong in backend development, experienced with ORM/Hibernation, message queue, transaction serialization, multithreading, and concurrency control.
  • Familiar with Java Spring Framework, Spring Boot, .NET core entity framework, and GraphQL.
  • Have prior microservice development and deployment experience.
  • Demonstrated effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational and people skills with the ability to work across functions.
  • Familiar with Git, efficient working with an IDE like VS code, Visual Studio, Intellij and/or PyCharm.
  • Know how to write complex SQL queries, having exposure to MySql or other modern RDBMS systems.
  • Ability to work closely within a team as well as be able to interact with diverse members of the company at large.
  • Able to work full time and available to meet daily with staff in San Diego during business hours in California.
  • Experience in one or more of the following is a plus:
    • Exposure to REACT and/or Angular
    • Hands on knowledge of docker applications and CI/CD tools
    • Familiar with AWS cloud services/administration
    • Conceptual understanding of NoSQL and MongoDB
    • Proficient in Linux base environment and Bash scripting
    • Experience working in a regulated environment (FDA)
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E-mail application to careers@cardeabio.com