Interested in joining Cardea?

We are extremely passionate about two things: Our talented team of Cardeans and our bold vision of translating real-time biological signals into digital information, which in turn leads to products and applications that will positively impact and transform our future.

By integrating molecular biology with semiconductor electronics, we have linked computers directly up to the live signals of biology for the very first time. Using a biocompatible nanomaterial – graphene – which is a near perfect conductor as it is only one atom thick, we have patented uses of this material to gain a signal resolution high enough to listen into real-time molecular interactions. That means, our technology effectively taps into biology’s internal communication to expand or replace current optical and static measurements with interactive live streams of multiomic signals and analyses.

We’re driven by this vision and we need talented people who share it, as we’re rapidly growing and looking for talented people who are self-driven, enjoy wearing many hats, and thrive in a collaborative environment. If you think you fit our somewhat unconventional culture, please consider joining us. You’ll be working in a dynamic, supportive, and enjoyable environment, with some of the brightest and the friendliest people in the industry. And you’ll be helping shape a new paradigm in science.

Join us in building a new generation of natural resources and applications that can Link up to Life™.

Available Positions.

SAN DIEGO, CA Lead Software Developer
SAN DIEGO, CA Research Associate
SAN DIEGO, CA Senior Production Engineer
SAN DIEGO, CA Director Technical Project Management
San Diego, CA Director Alliance Management
San Diego, CA Data Analyst
San Diego, CA Software Developer Front End
San Diego, CA Senior Director, Commercial Partnerships