Vision: Biology as Technology.

By linking biology directly up with electronics, molecular control signals that have been developed and accumulated in biology over billions of years of evolution become accessible for the first time in history. Being able to use Biology as Technology will result in a new generation of natural resources and advanced Powered by Cardea products that have until now been impossible.

Mission: Linking up to Life.

Our mission is to provide everyone in the world an easy way to connect their digital networks (the Internet, computers, and our cell phones) to the networks of biomolecular signals that run anything living in biology, allowing for Powered by Cardea products and applications that are Linking up to Life.

How: Cardean Transistors™ & Tech+Bio Infrastructure.

Semiconductors have revolutionized our lives by powering computers, smart phones, the Internet, and unlimited access to most information, but because of their silicon surface, a non-biocompatible material, semiconductors haven’t been able to link up to the biological signals of life such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and small molecules. Cardea’s proprietary Biology-gated Transistors, or Cardean Transistors, leverage graphene to live-stream biological signals to create a bridge between digital networks and biological networks, enabling applications and products once only dreamed of.

Cardean Transistors and the Tech+Bio Infrastructure use computational power (including machine learning and artificial intelligence) to provide virtually live insight to life and biology, similar to how people today have near-instant insight to global news events, financial information, and social media.

Your benefit: A New Generation of Products “Powered by Cardea”.

Like semiconductors power computers of different brands and types of products, we use our Cardean Transistors to build chipsets that can be integrated into multi-omics platforms unique and tailored to each Innovation Partner’s needs to build products and applications Powered by Cardea.

To Truly Understand Biology…We Need to Understand it as System Biology in Context.

Michael Heltzen / CEO & Co-founder / Cardea
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